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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Very Generous Surprise/Gift

Why is there a map of the United States with New York highlighted? You may ask.
And, then look, there is a Buffalo photo!  What's going on?
OK, a few days ago I received a phone call from the son of my high school girlfriend who lives in New York. I have mentioned her in this blog a few times in the past. More info at This Post from this past February. She and her husband (we are all the same age, 77) are now living in an Assisted Living Retirement Home. They both have quite a few difficult medical issues. So, anyway, last Friday was her Birthday. And, as I said, her son called and said that he would like to give his mother a special gift. He was wondering if I could come to New York for a few days for a visit and he would cover all of the travel, etc. expenses! WOW. I almost fell off of my chair. In the past we had talked about how nice it would be if we could see each other again. Unfortunately, after giving it a lot of thought, I decided that I can not travel alone that far away from home at this time. My physical abilities are far from what they were in the past when I was a lot more independent and was able to travel to Europe alone.  My girlfriend and I talked about it and she agrees. However, we are hoping that maybe next spring it may work out. She is dealing with more than usual medical difficulties at this time. Her wonderful son assured me that he would take care of everything to make my trip safe and enjoyable. I can hardly believe that someone would be so generous to offer such a wonderful treat!

When we were younger (a lot younger) and had our first babies (we each had a boy) we often got together as two young couples for dinner at each others home and played canasta cards sometimes after the babies were asleep. Good memories.

I will continue with hope that it may work out in the future. I have never been to New York but I have been able to travel quite a few places national and international. It is in God's hands!

Now, I have another photo of my beautiful red rose that continues to bring me delight. I wanted to post it because I have been trying to learn a new photo editing program and it is driving me nuts. I miss using Picasa. And, I wish I knew someone that could teach me the process so I don't have to learn it by trial and error. So be it!
Isn't it a beauty? In reality it really looks like velvet. 

Well, I hope your week is going nicely. Our weather is certainly fall weather and it have been lovely.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love Sent My Way

I had just set up a little valentine decorations on Monday morning when I received this beautiful heart/box at my door. I was so very surprised to see a package because I had not ordered anything lately that might be delivered. It was very exciting for me especially since my life is so quiet and uneventful since so many of my loved ones and friends have left and passed on. Another church friend (age 92) passed this past Sunday. She was in church and read the liturgy which she often did. And, in the afternoon she went to a Super Bowl party at the Club House where she lived and became weak and was taken to the hospital. And, passed during the night. A life fully lived! Wonderful!

I could hardly get the package opened fast enough to see who it was from. The label was signed "2 Who Love You". How sweet was that?
It was from my loving friends in New York! That is my high school friends that I have been in regular contact for the last few years after she was able to locate me. There had been a lapse of about 45 years time. I have been so happy that she looked and found me.  I was able to meet up with them the last time My Special Man and I took a family reunion trip to Michigan. We met half way between New York and Michigan in Canada and spent two days enjoying every minute we had together in a very nice hotel. It was a very very special event for me and has given me beautiful memories of  dear friends that I shared time with in the sunrise and now the sunset of my life.

The gift boxes are filled with valentine candies/cookies and lovely pears. The items that I have eaten were great. The pears have to ripen a little more. Look how pretty all of it looks.
It was such a loving thoughtful gift and so appreciated. I haven't had a gift/package to open in a couple years. I could never anticipate my life would be what it is today especially in regard to my adult children.

My friends from New York will be moving to an Assisted Living Facility next month. They both need a little extra help to enjoy their life. I am happy that it looks like it is going to work out just fine. I have to "take care of business" and finish up some paperwork that I have been procrastinating about because I am having difficulty making decisions.

The past three days have given us great weather which I am grateful. I did a little in the kitchen today. I made Crock-pot Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder from a recipe on one of the blogs. It is delicious! And, easy - of course!

All the ingredients are mixed together except the chicken breasts. The chicken is placed on the bottom with the soup ingredients on top. When is is cooked the chicken is taken out and shredded or cubed and mixed together. It is very creamy especially since I had some cream left over from the Chicken Tarragon that I made a couple days ago. I used what I had on hand which meant I changed some of the ingredients. Isn't that what soups/chowders are all about? More single serves for the freezer.

Thanks for sharing my happiness with me.

Love - Love - Love - Love - Love.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Year Ago Today

My Special Man departed this physical life. Of course, I miss him but feel so blessed that we had five years together to enjoy each other, share many experiences and make beautiful memories.
For the entire time that we were together I felt totally loved even when his behavior did not always support that thinking! I knew that he was always available for me and he tried very hard to be part of a healthy relationship. He helped me in so many ways, but most definitely with his never wavering love.

This past year has been unlike any other year in my life. I have worked very hard and taken the time to mourn, heal, accept and learn many things about myself that have been very pleasing. And, I am very grateful for all the wonderful people that have been a part of my journey this past year.

Wishing much love and joy.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Have You Seen My "Get Up And Go"

If you do, please send it back home where it belongs! My mood is good. But, I think it is tired.

I never know when Lily is going to have a challenging day. In fact, Thursday was so bad that I thought it was to be her last and I would have to make THAT painful decision. Then yesterday she was alert and happy and did not demonstrate ANY respiratory distress. She was running around like a teenager, even throwing her toys in the air. Oh, it was a lovely day! She slept good last night and today, so far so good.

The weather is bright but the frost is nipping in the garden. Another rainstorm is expected tonight and the snow level is getting lower with each storm. But, I doubt that it will reach this level at 2000 foot elevation for quite a while if at all this year. But, it could happen.

One of the reasons I chose to live in this little town here in the Sierra Foothills is that seldom does it snow in my backyard and I never have picked up a snow shovel.  On the rare occasions that is does snow it is like living in a fairy tale with lots of pixie dust floating here and there. Only one time has the berm of snow prevented me from getting my car out of the driveway and that was most likely in 2012 or 2013.
Alright now, with each passing day it becomes more unlikely that I am going to be going into the cold garage and wrestle with boxes of Christmas decorations and a tree. I am enjoying what little decorations I have put out and I am just so thankful for the many blessing that I have received. This is the time of year that My Special Friend was so very ill with cancer and subsequently passed on December 30 last year. Maybe, Lily is waiting to join him on that day??? They adored each other! Sleepy Heads!

A couple months before My Special Man passed I also lost My Closest Dear Girlfriend (of more than 10 years) who was battling  breast cancer and I miss her so very much. 
My Dear Friend with her daughter.

If you are interested in my one and only experience of getting stuck in the snow and a little about my dear friend, check out my post at Walking Beside Me and the next post. It has two parts.

When I speak of blessings received, one of the greatest occurred during this past week when I met with a couple (husband-retired pastor and wife) to discuss some unfinished business that was troubling me about some unsavory events and accusations that took place around the death and final activities of My Special Man. God was with us!!! Many of my concerns and emotional pain was talked about and I gained some wisdom that I was seeking. AND, all of the "garbage" that was swirling and swirling around in my head that wouldn't stop - has now vanished! I feel so very refreshed!

Have you found that sometimes when you start writing a post to blog, it takes you to places you could never imagined for that day. Thank you for joining me in this journey of the recent life events that fill another chapter of my life.

Love One Another.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Up Close - Real Close

Today was a day to get together with three of my friends that try to spend one day a month together . We just decide about a place to see, a place to eat or who knows what. There are so many things to do and see "in our own backyard" so to speak. It is  always very casual and sans makeup or anything fussy.

One of us wanted to take lunch fixings to our friend who was in the middle of the disastrous wildfire and did not know for days if their home was burned down. Their house sits on 10 acres and five houses around them were burned and ashes were all that remained.

The firefighters were able to save their house partly because of the good "defensible space" that they try to keep around their house. This is their house at the far left of the picture. You can see all the blackened ground around the big trees. IT (the fire) was really really close.
And this is the front porch that I have sat on in the past when everything surrounding it was green and lush.
 This is looking from their house out to their greenhouse that did not survive the fire!
 This is what is left of the greenhouse with the damage. The pile lower center is burned oranges and a couple orange trees. The greenhouse had been filled with organic produce.

 Some more pictures as we walked around some of the property.
 It is horrendous but they feel very blessed to have their house.
They are still is a state of disbelief, horror, confusion and fatigue as they live through the process of returning to some form of normalcy and dealing with all the bureaucracy. It seems like it is the ol' saying "get ready to wait."
 The house is owned by our friend on the left. Along with her husband we enjoyed a great lunch.
And, to sum it up as we drove away one of their neighbors was in the middle of the ashes where his house sat. And, he is the neighbor that called them at 3 AM to tell them the fire was coming over the ridge and they better get out!
I do not think I did justice to this post. It is so difficult to describe what we saw!
It was so good to be with friends and also spend some time with the homeowners.
Let's all count our blessings and pray for the less fortunate and reach out with a helping hand.


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